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That Operates Without You.

We make getting more members, increasing profits and having more freedom easy.

The Problem

It’s Getting Harder and Harder to Stand Out From The Competition.

Online marketing is becoming increasingly saturated, and traditional marketing tactics like discount offers, challenges and other unsustainable gimmicks are no longer as effective.

You can't expect to stand out and charge premium prices using the same strategies as everyone else.

The Solution

You Must Become The Preeminent Gym In Your Community

The strategy of preeminence is the only way to elevate you above your competitors, charge what your worth and propel you to the top spot in your community.

It's the secret top gyms use to stand out and attract their dream customers that stay longer, pay more and refer others.

It begins with the intention to be more, get clients better results, and impact your community more than any other gym, this sets a foundation for growth that can't be replicated or matched.

The Result

You'll Become The Community Leader

Becoming Preeminent amplifies everything from your marketing efforts, impact, profits and freedom.

It creates a flywheel effect that continues to compound. You'll attract more high quality members, charge higher prices, have people seeking your gym out, be able to ditch spending tons of money on ads, and only work with your dream customers.

This is the only way to create predictable growth, loyal members, with long-term success and happiness...

At Grow And Profit, we help you create it systematically, step by step.

Are You Ready To Grow?

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If you're ready to get off the self-employed treadmill and trade stress for success then let us help.

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Ready for a torrential downpour of profits?

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What we'll help you achieve...


1 More Profit

We help you build a profitable foundation first by improving the model to make it scalable. Without fixing this first all attempts to grow will fail.

We know the offers that are converting for the most amount of money. Integrating our profit systems into your business ensures you are wildly profitable before the next step.


2 More Leads

Most businesses don't have a lead problem. They have a lead conversion problem. We fix that first by converting more of the traffic you are already getting into qualified leads by building you a professional funnel including website and landing pages optimized for lead generation.


3 More Sales Appointments

We help nurture those leads into more opportunities with the right automatic sms and email that positions your gym as preeminent. When they know, respect and trust your brand you'll see a massive increase in show rates.


4 More Members

Sell higher prices while making a bigger impact in your clients lives. With our turn key systems you'll be able to convert more clients at higher prices easily.


5 Member Retention

Keeping your members longer is the best way to increase the lifetime value. We help you put systems in place to predictably get them to stay longer.


6 Resell & Upsell

Adding new members is just the start. We'll help you unlock new revenue streams and maximize your existing member base.


7 More Freedom

What really makes us different is we don't just help you grow your gym using our sustainable method but help you streamline the entire process to free yourself if that's what you want.

You'll be able to have more impact, profit and success on autopilot.

If You’re Ready To Become The Preeminent Gym In Your Community.

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  • Fill Your Gym With Financially Qualified Members

  • Eliminate No-shows, Cancellations, and Low Quality Leads

  • Increase Member Retention, Referrals and Profit​

  • ​Become THE #1 solution in your community, filled with ideal members you love​

Become #1 in your community and fill your gym with dream members!